buddy windy boy (milkface) wrote in fachooff,
buddy windy boy

by Don. o. Van and Jill. E. Ann

My grandma asked me to go get fish from the market. She is hairy and old. She thinks that fish will make her young again. she read it in TIME. Not just any fish, but magical fish from Tibet. Red, blue, and polka-dotted with pearly white spots. What really happened when she ate the fish was a small mad would grow out of her back. He looked exactly like an attractive man doesn't. His name was Jilliano. he smoked cigars laced with the blood of the innocent. And eh ate vast amounts of pumpkin bread. My grandma had enough, as he started doing heroin, and asked me to kill him. So i stole his heroin. fed it to the dog. fed the dog to the circus, fed the circus to the ATM and fed the ATM to my grandma. Then I married the man on her back. And we lived in a mud hut only eating rhubarb and toffee cakes generally ignoring my grandma. we emerged from the temple of doom victorious and the healthiest people in the world. I woke up to my grandma telling me to get fish. The ones she read about in TIME.
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