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pain of boy X-posted

once apon a time there was a boy that decided that he wanted to be able to fly and still be able to swim. so the boy left on a long adventure that took him all around the world. After 32 years of looking the young lad found what he was looking for, a magic lamp. When the boy rubbed the lamp something shot out of it and he heard a sigh of joy. Out came the genie.
"gee thanks kid." the gennie said and extended his arm for a handshake, " i've been tryin to finish off that for awhile but i just couldn't rub it hard enough for it to finish"
the boy outreached his hand and shook the genies hand. "genie, i want to be able to fly and swim faster than any other beast on this earth!"
"your wish is my command"
the next moment a boat and a plane appeared. Then without saying a word the genie flew away. I think he went back to the sun where genies are born.
"come back genie!!" the boy yelled for he thought he had found a friend but alas he was all alone. and with no way to get his boaat down from the moutain that he had climbed into. So the boy got into his plane and tried to turn it on but he didnt know how. his life was over. the boy took out a gun and shot himself in the mouth. the world will never know the pain of boy.
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