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the cut before last

i was in my lab the night before last and we had a livly one. she was around the age of 16 and long blond hair. I think she said her name was kate. the surgery started like any other, she was screaming and beging us to stop but of course we wont so i undid her top and make the inital cut. we had to get more straps to hold her down. she didn't pass out until her left breast was removed. when i made sure she was dead and i had learned all i could from her young hard body i gave the body to minion, my 300 pound toy that loved to give himself to the bodies i gave him. when i was done i relized that i was in love with this kate, but alas it was too late and i am destined to live by myself forever. I got another body to-day and boy oh boy did i make him suffer. i cut his skin off inch by inch and made a mask out of his face. he lived almost to the end. minion will be happy, for he often finds the skin chewy. scut scut scut.
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