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mr bungle saves the day

One mid November morning in long beach Florida a young lad named Orion, and he was having a hard time with life. His parents had recently died in a car accident and his brother, Tony, was in jail for manslaughter. His head was spinning with ideas of what he was going to do. With all other options looking closed Orion fell to his knees and prayed to god.
"Oh dear god!" Orion cried onto the lord "why have you abandoned me?"
As Orion’s words hit the air the sky parted and the lord said on to Orion, "Orion have not abandoned you, I have been here through the good times and the bad, I was here when you went to church with your family and I was there when you were snorting coke with your friends. I do feel pity for you so I will appoint you a helper."
"A helper?" Orion said with a skeptical look on his face.
"Yes, a helper. His name is Mr. Bungle and he brings joy to every life he touches. So here he is, and now I bid you farewell."
Out of thin air a giant clown appeared and said in a giggly voice " hey there Orion, I’m Mr. Bungle and I’m here to make you happy. We’ll start by wiping out all those bad memories of your parents dying."
With a wave of a hand a smile hit Orion’s face like no smile to ever exist on earth. Inside Orion’s head a world of butterflies, chipmunks, and other crazy animals. back in the real world Mr. Bungle took the veggie like body of Orion and laid him on a bed. Orion’s state of happiness lasted for many years and by his side sat Mr. Bungle. Everything was going fine until one day something in Orion's world went terribly wrong. All those years of sitting next to Orion really did a number on Mr. Bungle's arteries and he had a heart attack. When me bungle died Orion’s magic happy world turned to a world of fear and loathing. The butterflies all put on argyle sweaters and started telling jokes from the TV show Frasier. As if that wasn’t bad enough the chipmunks all started wearing London guards hats. When Orion asked them where they got them they said that they killed a Brit and stole his hat and that if Orion told anyone they would kill him next.
After years of peace and harmony Orion didn’t know how to respond to these threats so he just ran to a corner and cried. After Orion had been there for several days a crazy looking anteater came up to him and shot him in the face with a 12 gauge shot gun.
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