xtherealmrbungle (turkeybaster7) wrote in fachooff,

Story #1

One afternoon, i decided to go out for a walk with my soon to be wife, sarah. we started off by walking to the local market and thats where i saw her. she was the most beautiful person i have ever seen..so right there on the spot i dropped sarah and followed this woman. the second moon was brighter than it had ever been and that could only mean good luck. after following her for fifteen min. she walked into a small brick appartment. i followed. she got into the elevator and i followed her. while we were riding up she made eye contact with me and looked away with discust. so i figure if she wont love me i might as well love her. so i pushed the emrgency stop button and approached her. i ripped of her dress and thrust my hands into her underwear, but when i did i found something rather unusual...a penis. at this point i slowly withdrew my hand and looked back into this man's eyes he was smileing very big. next thing i knew he was pulling off my pants and nomatter what i did i couldnt get him off. The man took off his pants and forced his penis into my asshole. IN AND OUT AND IN AND OUT. it seemed to last forever. i passed out from the pain. When i woke up i was chained up in his room. i tried to scream but i had a ball gag in my mouth. then the door opened and in walked five big men. i knew what i was in for.
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