xtherealmrbungle (turkeybaster7) wrote in fachooff,


So my brother has AIDS. they dont know how he got them but they said he has about six months to a year to live. i bet he got it from either butt sex or a dirty needle. my parents thought he was such a good little boy but i knew better...hes dirty. so my parents took him out of school and they want me to bond with him before he dies which i dont understand because as soon as we get close he will die. so i think i am just gonna keep the same relationship i have with him now...none. i hate him and i really wont be sad when that times comes. that just means twice the presents for me and twice the everything. so i played YU-GI-OH for like 12 hours yesterday. it rawked. i need a new life cuz this one blows. i have no friends and i have no woman...but at least my brother will die soon and it will be a little quiter all the time. thank god for death. hey i could turn this post into song lyrics in a locust style spaz-core band.
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Is that just or story or does Eric seriously have AIDS?
oh god, i saw him the other day, and he has AIDS all over his face, arm, and legs like woah! better write him a get well card before he dies.
Wait.... what?
yeah hes as good as dead but hey its no big deal. i thought it was funny cuz his girlfriend dumped him because you could see the AIDS all over his face and now he has them everywhere. kinda sad. but only kinda. HEY THATS JUST MY ASPIRIN
I see....I didn't know you could umm SEE AIDS..... whatever works.
ok your right...i suck
wait, no, i totally saw them all over his face.
that was just my jizz. it got crusty and took AIDs form
oh that would make sence, was it from the time you had sex with your dog?
yes, the mega man music was pumpin. and that wasnt all. and then BAM THE HARDCORE BREAKDOWNS STARTED AND I GOT IT EVERYWHERE.
well, that is how it tends to go