xtherealmrbungle (turkeybaster7) wrote in fachooff,


So my brother has AIDS. they dont know how he got them but they said he has about six months to a year to live. i bet he got it from either butt sex or a dirty needle. my parents thought he was such a good little boy but i knew better...hes dirty. so my parents took him out of school and they want me to bond with him before he dies which i dont understand because as soon as we get close he will die. so i think i am just gonna keep the same relationship i have with him now...none. i hate him and i really wont be sad when that times comes. that just means twice the presents for me and twice the everything. so i played YU-GI-OH for like 12 hours yesterday. it rawked. i need a new life cuz this one blows. i have no friends and i have no woman...but at least my brother will die soon and it will be a little quiter all the time. thank god for death. hey i could turn this post into song lyrics in a locust style spaz-core band.
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