buddy windy boy (milkface) wrote in fachooff,
buddy windy boy

Jesus and the Astronauts by charles Hainsworth and Jillian

I gave him some medicine. He is out now. I couldn't believe what he had done. Feedback was still throbbing through the microphone. He burndt off his sideburns then ran through the sprinklers and continued to run through the picnic shouting and screaming. The mothers' covered their children's ears to sheild them from the obsenities of this buck wild, buck naked madman, his singed sideburns still smoking. He turned to the right just in time to realize that the white and red chekered picnic table cloths were actually white and red checkered ghosts coming to life. he felt the throbbing in his head and remembered all of thel ies that grandmother television had told him. Stop here, do this, green means go, this side up, wash hands before use. The world just wasn't that simple. the clouds gathered above his head and he took a pill and the lightning sang him to sleep.
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