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cop thing.....haha

"...well, last friday at work brenard said he was gonna hurt me so he punched me and i said "ouch stop that it hurts" but it really didnt. brenard hits like bryan da gimp, and bryan da gimp hits like brenard who hits like a girl. so he thought he had won until i snuck up behind him and jumped on his back. i guess i hurt his back perty bad cuz he just fell to the floor and soosan had to driv ehuim to the hospital. look i already told you everything i know now could you just leave me alone. it was an sccident." thats what i told the piggys and then they said "oh well if you didnt mean to hurt him then you are off the hook. and hes black and no jury in america would ever convict a white boy for hurting a black man, they might even congragulate you. well have a nice night" and then the cops left. they were both black. this really really happened i swear.
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