Beefcake Malone (beefcakemalone) wrote in fachooff,
Beefcake Malone

tranny pimpin

so I was working today. well okay I still am, but that's not the point. I come out to the front and there were 2 cute little gay guys sitting out in the lobby. I ask them if they needed help or anything and they said they were just waiting for a friend. I offered to call the room for them but they said they'd just wait. so they sit there for a half hour watching american idol, and I was just about to ask them to leave when their friend comes down. their transvestite hooker friend. and I know it wasn't someone staying here because there were only like 5 people checked in on second floor, where the friend came from. and I checked all those people in. maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions here but sicksicksciksicksicksicksicksicksicisjd. I'm an open minded person but transvestite hookers is just too much! until I had sex with her/him.
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